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Boustead Lumut Printing Project 2013


Printing Project Requirement :
Customer required to output 3 copies of document from pdf file for Royal Malaysian Navy for their newly built battle ship Kasturi Class. It consists of all their technical manual and mechanical manual of the ship. They required the folder to be custom made royal navy blue and consists of gold color screw to hold their document. We also need to produce PVC tab with silkscreen printing white color for them to differentiate the title.

Boustead Lumut Printing Project 1

Boustead Lumut Printing Project 2

Boustead Lumut Printing Project 3

Boustead CertificateBoustead Lumut Project 2013 -1

Boustead Lumut Project 5


Chiyoda A4 and A3 Print and Fold Project 2014

Printing Project Requirement : 
Customer required to output 1 copies of document from pdf file for Tokuyama TMP2 Project Construction Record Book. It consists of almost 1000 volume with a few thousand of section that need to be output. It have almost 10,000 or more pdf file that we need to compile and output accordingly to volume and section. It consists of A4 and A3. We fold the A3 into A4 for each of the volume and separate it with red color paper with section number printed. All is printed and packed nicely to be send to Sarawak.

Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 1

Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 2

Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 3

Chiyoda Project

Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 7

Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 8Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 9Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 10Chiyoda Document Printing Project 2014 - 12 


Alstom Folder Document Printing For TNB Project 2015

Printing Project Requirement : 
Customer required to output 6 copies of document from pdf file(Operation Manual and Technical Manual) for their newly build 1000 MW Manjung Coal Fired Power Plant Project. It consists of many section and volume that we need to really take note while printing in order to make sure every folder is in sequence as per their excel file requirement. It have A4, A3, A2, A1 and A0 Size which we need to fold for A2, A1and A0 size into A4 and put into a protective Plastic Sheet.

Alstom Folder Document Printing 1

Alstom Folder Document Printing 2

Alstom Folder Document Printing 3

Alstom Folder Document Printing 4Alstom Folder Document Printing 4Alstom Project Printing

We have experience for printing these document. Uncountable pdf file that need to output, separation into section printing, inserting of tabs, let us help you to get it done. This required expertise in sorting and file arrangement which we will handle carefully for your project. Call us now at 03-20726323 or email us at [email protected].


Custom Switch Printing & Value Added into the switches.

Switches Printing Switch Silk Screen 

Personalised your switches, text (in your choosen language) or print your logo direct into your switches and coverplate. These print will be direct print from our latest UV flatbed machine. Welcome to drop us an email:[email protected] regarding specification and pricing.

Aviation Binders for Pilot Usage.

11 Ring Binder - Aviation Binders 11 Ring Binder - Aviation Binders-2 11 Ring Binder - Pilot Binders

Welcome to the third generation of pilot checklist binders, pilot's QRH binders and pilot FCOM binders. Our latest line of Aviation binders is designed to withstnad the harshest conditions and to stand up against any amount of daily stress. Available in 11 ring design with 13mm, 19mm, 63mm thickness and 1.25", 1.5", 1.75" and 2" thickness as card card-body. Welcome to drop us an email [email protected] regarding specification and pricing.

Photo Canvas with custom made, hand built and produced using high quality canvas.

Premium Canvas

Premium Canvas - Get brilliant white, with texture canvas alike canvas painting.


Vivid Color

Vivid Colours - With up to 1440 dpi prints and 6 color, our HP Latex machinery print much larger range of colours.


3 style canvas wrapping

3 Wrap Style - With up to 3 different style wrapping styles available, customer have the choice of choosing whether in 1" thick wood frame , 1.5" thick wood frame or image wrap wooden frame within a frame.

Custom Size For Canvas Print

Custom Sizes - We have variety of sizes for you to choose from, if you can't see the size you want, please email us for quotation.

5 star review

5 Star Review - Order with confidence! We're proud of our customer reviews.

Effective branding is one of the most important aspects.

Stickers are a low cost and highly effective tool when it comes to spreading your brand’s identity, which forms part of your brand’s image. We’ve come up with five great ways you can use stickers to spread your message far and wide:


1. Forget SWOLK, make it SWALS

Envelope Sticker

Even in the age of lightening fast emails and instant messaging every business still sends mail in one form or another. We know that branded envelopes can be a little costly, so here is our alternative: forget ‘SWOLK’ (Sealed with a loving kiss) make all your business stationery ‘SWALS’. What is ‘SWALS’ you ask? Well it’s sealed with a little sticker. Adding a sticker to the back of every envelope you post is a brilliant way of getting your brand on stationery. It also lets everyone know who the mail is from before it’s even opened.

2. For your packaging

Packaging Sticker

The key to great branding is consistency, so this little gem leads us from letters to packages. One of the last touch points of your brand is the customer receiving their product in the post. This means your packaging is the perfect place to leave a lasting impression on customers. It’s easily done with a few stickers on each package.

3. Pop a few in each packet

Label Sticker

Have you ever glanced up at someone’s laptop to see a big apple staring back at you, then taken a second look and realised that it’s only a sticker? We certainly have. Those naughty little apple stickers get everywhere; we’ve even seen a few lingering around the offices. This is a perfect example of how sticking a few additional branded stickers in each products package can help spread your brand identity far and wide. Why not take a leaf out of Apple’s book and give it a go with your own brand?


4. Create fun branded stickers for special occasions

Custom Sticker

Why not create some special edition stickers to spread the word about your brand? One way we did this at was to create seasonal, pun-filled Christmas stickers. You could do this for any number of special events from a holiday to a birthday or local event like a carnival or fete. It’s a great way to get your brand under customers' noses.

5. On your finished product

Photo Book Sticker

Popping a sticker on your finished product reminds customers who the carousel-item came from originally. Here in our example, we’ve popped a sticker on the back of photo albums so that each time the album is closed the photographers branded sticker is right where you can see it. This encourages returning business.

We hope this proves stickers can be a cost effective way of getting your brand message across as a business.

Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing Technique

Digital Printing – Most of the offices would have a laser printer or a personal desktop printer. It abilities to just create and print technologies makes printing easier. It does not required any films, plates and the hassle work of adjusting the registration here and there .
Offset Printing – Need to create film and plates before the production of printing can begin. The design or artwork will exposed into a film which is transfer to the plates for final print.

What are the advantages for both printing techniques?
Digital Printing Advantages
• Suitable for short run jobs , cost will be much more lower than doing offset printing.
• Ability to print many files at one time. For example, a word file consists of 15 pages , just a click of a button , all the 15 pages will printed out while offset printing you need 15 films and plates in order to print.
• Printing time is greatly reduce, it take days to do plates and film in offset printing.
• Ability to print job on ad hoc basis
• Ability to do personalized printing

Offset Printing Advantages
• Suitable for bulk printing, cost is much more lower when doing gang runs (quantity above 1000 piece) .Price goes down as printing quantity increase
• Higher quality of printing, color more vibrant and sharp
• Ability to print pantone color
• Ability to print larger size (16” x 24”) or more
• Registration between front and back is much more accurate than digital print.

Proposal Printing Solution Provider

We are highly recommended among our client is that
1) Private & Confidential in Handling Proposal File.
We secure all the print jobs private and confidential . All the files and the data will not be keep and will destroy once jobs is done. We know that all these documents is important to the company. We can even sign contract which is a guarantee for our client.

2) More choice of finishing for proposal to look presentable.
We have variety of binding format . We have Wire O Binding, Comb Binding, Staple Binding, Black Tape Binding . Other than that we do provide hole drilling for document to be inserted into either 2 hole binders or 3 holes binder.

3) Uses only high quality paper to print your proposal.
We only use Double AA quality paper in our printing for proposal making the proposal presentable and the paper quality is white as snow.

4) Sorting of Document.
We know that proposal printing will have lots of files which required sorting. When we print, we include sorting as card card-body. This put our client as ease , the client need not do anything, they just need to wait for the finish product to be delivered.

5) Meeting Tight Deadline For Your Proposal.
We know that client sometimes need rush print job for proposal to be printed out but they have not finish up the files yet. So can image magic print out urgently our document in time? The answer is yes, we will arrange 3 digital machinery just to print your files.

6) Tabs Printing & Seperator For Your Proposal.
Most of the printer , they can only print A4, A3 and cannot print on tabs. In Image Magic, we can customized and print the tabs for you, whether it is 6 tabs per set or 5 tabs per set. It up to the client on how the tabs need to be done.

Choosing Printing Method For Your Printing Jobs

What printing method you should consider when you need jobs to be printed?

6 main point which you need to consider when choosing printing method.
• Printing Quality & Paper Type
• Printing Quantity
• Printing Size
• Printing of Color
• Turnaround Time
• Customized Print Jobs

Printing Quality & Choosing Paper Type
The important of choosing either digital print or offset print is depend on the printing quality and the paper type for your print jobs. Digital printers normally have limited paper type you can choose as some digital printers cannot support paper which is very thick (above 350gram) . Offset printing can print on surface like plastic , rubber and so on. As for quality print, offset printing would be a better choice as digital printing will not be so consistent on the color as the print goes on.

Printing Quantity
The quantity is also a major issue when choosing which kind of printing method to be use. Offset printing has a higher initial cost as they need films and plates before the prints start. Usually minimum order of quantity is 1000 pcs per printing required . When it comes to low quantity like below 500pcs or 300 pcs, digital print will be the best choice.

Printing Size
Digital printers have limitation on their sizes, the maximum size which they could go is 310mm x 450mm (depends on the digital printer) whereas offset printing could print until 24” x 36” (depend on the offset machine). If there a size which exceed the limitation of the digital print, then offset print will be the choice for your print jobs.

Printing of Color
Digital printers uses CMYK ink as in Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black. So when it comes to printing which required pantone code or specific 1 or 2 color , then offset printing would be a better choice.

Turnaround Time
If printing jobs need to be done in rush mode, digital print would be the better choice as they can print on the spot. Offset printers can also produce the printing jobs inrush mode but additional cost would be added in.

Customized Print Jobs
When you need print jobs which required customization or personalization such as letterhead, name cards , personalized cover that need to change very often, then digital printing will be your best choice as you have the choice to print as and when you required it. Offset printing would be costly when it comes to print a handful of materials.

As a conclusion, both printing techniques have it own advantages and disadvantages. It depends on what you required based on the points stated above.

Paper Selection For Digital And Offset Print.

Paper Selection For Digital Printing & Offset Printing

1) Simili Paper
Paper which is similar to those paper we use for photocopying in our office. It is common paper which is popular among office uses. There are few strong brand like Double AA Paper and Indah Kiat. In Image Magic , we use Double AA paper for our customer.

2) Art Paper
Art paper is commonly use for flyers , brochures and magazine. This paper is card card-body known for it gloss and matt finish of it paper and it is better cost and nice quality printout. It paper range is from 105gram , 128gram and 157gram .Due to the smooth surface of the paper, it is not recommended to use for event that required writing on the paper itself because the ink will smudge when it is not dry.

3) Art Card
Art Card is thick card , commonly use for name card, event ticket, voucher , cover for booklet, packaging and etc. It smooth surface enable client to select finishing either in matte lamination or gloss lamination. In current trend art card with matte lamination is most popular. With the matte look of the printout , it simply classy and elegant . It paper weight range is from 210gram, 260gram, 310gram and 350gram. Due to the smooth surface of the paper, it is not recommended to use for event that required writing on the paper itself because the ink will smudge when it is not dry.

4) Ivory Card
Ivory Card is thick card , commonly use for name card , invitation card, postcard and etc . The surface of the ivory card is smooth but without the coating of matte or gloss in it. That is why for ivory card, there will be no matte lamination and gloss lamination can be applied. Suitable for writing on it as the paper itself absorb ink. It paper weight range is from 230gram, 250gram and 280gram.

5) PVC Card (Membership Card)
PVC Card is commonly use for application such as luggage tag, membership card, name tag, event tag and etc. It thickness which is about our credit card thickness make the card not easy to bend and it quite durable when it come to use on events.

Inkjet Printing Specialist For Banner,Poster and Bunting

Inkjet Printing Specialist For Banner, Poster And Bunting
We uses the state-of-the art software, printing and finishing equipment to produce graphics which are considered the best in the business. We are so confident in our ability to produce stunning color vibrant printing and provide the best offer.

We have over 9 years of experience in supplying the banner, poster and bunting as card card-body as portable display system like pop up system, roll up bunting and spider stand in Malaysia. Our proactive approach to creating new applications within this market, allows us to work with trusted manufactureres in developing new exciting, pratical and affordable products to offer to our customer who have come to trust us in their inkjet printing jobs.

Full Color Inkjet Printing We use a 4 colour, eco-solvent printing process that produce vibrant colours.

Weather Proof Inkjet Printing Super tough banner material, waterproof solvent inks, and reinforcement allow our banners to last longer outdoors.

Custom Size For Banner Print Don't see the size you need? No problem, simply provide us the measurement, we will provide instant quote.

Variety Inkjet Print Material Thick, strong and brilliant white material for your inkjet printing. We offer variety of materials to suit your specifications as card card-body as your budget.

Eyelet for banner or bunting We provide eyeleting services for you to hang your banner easily. You can choose either extra eyelet or no eyelet at all.

Business Card Common Blunders

Nine most common blunders in business card

Have you ever gotten praise or compliment on your business card? Is the business card simply and clearly identify just what your business does, and why do people wanted your services or doing business with you? Is it visually appealing to your prospect client?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, it just may be time for you to update your business card.


Because a business card is one of the most important and cost-effective marketing tools a business can have, especially for businesses just starting out. And yet, too often it's a missed opportunity to make a great impression. A powerful and card card-body-designed business card can effectively promote your business. There's a good chance that if the look and quality of your card is shoddy or unprofessional, it may be thrown into the trash.