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Marketing Tips for various printing products.

Business card are standard in social networking. Quality printed business cards are a great way to make a first impression and increase your sales potential rates. The main function of a business card is to pass along important contact information regard you and your company. But, you can also make these affordable printed pieces a profitable marketing tool! By ordering online business card, customer could enjoy discounted price and it only required 3 easy step to order online.

- Include a map.

- Use an inspirational quote or funny joke to ensure your card is saved rather then tossed in the trash.

- The shape and size of business cards make them ideal for hangtags or product labels.

- Use as a small thank you card.

- Perfect for slipping in with your products with instructions on how to reorder.

- People love to feel special, use the backside of your card to hand write a special discount or offer.

- Make the back an appointment card.

- Include information that people want to keep as a reference, such as tips, how to’s or instructions.

Full color printed business cards are used for every business and organization; the trick is to make yours memorable. So be creative and personal to make your business card stand out in the stack.

Poster printing is ideal for advertising products and services in your store or around town. Use Image Magic’s full color printing services to print your poster. We will fulfill your poster printing needs quickly while reducing your printing costs and providing great quality. We offer a variety of poster printing options to customize your order.

Business Advertising With Poster Printing Services.
Events, concerts, theater performances, and sports team’s use our poster printing services to attract people to attend. But, have you considered using a full color poster for other business advertising? Posting full color posters around town is a fast and effective way to increase interest and grab the attention of local business that might just be passing by. A small affordable billboard, that can be posted anywhere.

Tourism Poster Printing Services.
Tourists have a habit of looking at posters to find local activities. If you have a business that caters to tourists why not advertise on a poster in areas where rack brochures are displayed, or event posters are prevalent. Full color poster printing services are an ideal way to attract attention to your business. Tourists are out walking around town, in search of new places to see and new things to do. The more they see your name the more likely they are to show up at your establishment. Order poster printing services online now, just in time for tourist season!

Poster Printing Hypes Local Listings
Realtors can print posters with pictures of recent listings, contact information, and key selling points to hype buyers interest. This could work for any business, sometimes trying something different then what is normally being done is a great way to catch the attention of prospects. Group multiple listings for the same price range on an 11 x 17 poster. Use digital poster printing services for affordable small quantity printing that is cheap and easy to swap out images for new listings. Post at your office, in grocery stores, or at financial institutions. Think outside the box with poster printing services.

Great Benefits With Poster Printing.
Think of the many benefits you get with poster printing services. Not only are you getting great exposure, but if you hang them up yourself you are getting some exercise and fresh air. Some may think of this as wasting their time, but you can think of it as an sales opportunity. While out and about hanging up your poster printing, bring a small stack of business cards or coupons with you, when people stop to read your poster or take interest give them a card and get the conversation started. Your poster just opened up a conversation that could lead to a sale. So put your poster printing to work for you and get outside and start talking.

Flyer printing is basic, easy and affordable, so why not find ways to incorporate them into your marketing. Sometimes the simplest forms of advertising are the most effective. Looking to entice customers to return to your store, increase awareness about a new product, or to get more people to attend your show? Then use what other businesses nationwide are using: Flyer Printing! Here are a few ideas to spread your message the easy and fast way with full color flyer printing.

Flyer Printing As a Personal Invitation
Have a charismatic personality? Pair it with a flyer and personally invite people. Use flyer printing as a way to pass along pertinent information and help to sell your products or services.

Flyer Printing In a Network
When advertising, find other business owners that have products or services that compliment your line of work and do an exchange. Feature each others flyers or share the cost of printing and advertise together on one flyer. Find a few companies to network with to help build business for all of you or cut back on your marketing expenses.

Flyer Printing For Tradeshow Entrance Packets
Many trade shows and events allow you to include a flyer in the entrance packet. Or if you don’t want to spend the extra money to feature your booth in the packet, compile your own packets to pass out to attendees.

Create a digital brochure or catalog on a CD/ DVD to send directly to prospects. The benefits of CD's And DVD’s are unique. A customer can link directly to your website, it is easy to navigate/categorize and you have the option to offer resources that can be downloaded. Include a digital copy with your printed catalog or sales folder with slightly different product options, an introductory video, or a quick commercial. Save on printing costs by shortening the size of your printed cd and dvd catalog and directing customers to search through your CD And DVD for more information, which can then direct them to your website to sign up for offers or a newsletter. (This will help you collect email addresses to send information directly to prospects).

A CD And DVD Case catalog works especially card card-body for prospecting.
A CD And DVD gives you the option to work with just a prospect direct mail list. Plus, anymore it is overwhelming how many emails you get in one day. Getting yours opened and read can be a challenge. Also, sending something different that stands out increases the likeliness that it will get noticed and opened. The key to success with a CD And DVD catalog is to make sure you have a reason that will intrigue them enough to take a look.

Booklet printing are successful for marketing, educating and gaining awareness.
Incorporate booklet printing into your marketing efforts for a sure way to get results. Booklets can help you to become an expert in your field. Set the tone for your company or marketing campaign with a full color printed booklet. Sometimes the simplest booklets that help customers make better-educated purchasing decisions become the most successful piece in your marketing campaign.

Promote your products with full color booklets.
Images and visuals are the best way to catch a customer’s attention. Booklets help demonstrate qualities of products and services making purchasing easy. The size of booklet printing makes it easy to classify and clarify information to help guide customers through your booklet. Show off benefits, techniques or details of your products educating customers in the buying process.

People Trust Whats In Booklet Printing
Booklet printing sets you apart from the competition. It is easier to trust what we read in a printed piece then what we find online. We live in a fast pace, oversaturated marketing environment. People want trustworthy information. A printed booklet is just that. Studies show booklet printing is a successful and affordable way to reach an audience and gain their trust.

Every time you send a message on printed letterhead you are broadcasting who you are. What does your letterhead say about you? Make sure you present yourself adequately to support your branding efforts. There are so many things you use letterhead for it is important that you are card card-body represented. Letterhead printing can be printed in 1 color or in 4 color.

Key elements to include on your letterhead are your logo, phone number, address, and website address. It is also appropriate to include a tag line or slogan that distinguishes your organization from the competition. Give it a look and a style that represents your business. Use similar colors, images, and text styles so that people aren’t confused about who is contacting them.

Use Different Style Letterhead Printing for Different Messages
It is also nice to have a couple different styles of letterhead. Use a professional piece for important information that requires a sophisticated look. And have a second with a more casual design for a more informal correspondence. Having a variety of styles let’s you set a better tone for the information that you are sending. For example if you are sending a friendly thank you for your recent purchase letter a more casual piece of letterhead, might be appropriate, However, if your message is an estimate or quote you may select a more formal look.

Whatever the message on the paper says, makes sure your printed letterhead reflects that message and ultimately the values that your business is working to convey. Taking the time and money to have letterhead that represents your organization has a huge impact on building your branding and establishing yourself as a professional company.

Use the outside of your envelope to hype your business, services or products. Even when you are sending out invoices you can market to current customers or thank them for a recent purchase, or let them know about new offerings right on the outside of the envelope. Print either in 1 color envelope or 4 color envelope to increase the awareness of your company.

It is professional and important to have your logo and branding on your envelope, but have you considered utilizing the available space for marketing and advertising messages? Take advantage of the space on your envelope and try some of these envelope-marketing ideas:

-Working on building up your brand image.

-Try imprinting your mission statement to reinforce that you are on all of your business correspondence.

-Working on building a relationship and gaining trust.

-Use a testimonial to impress customers by seeing what other customers have to say about you.

-Have a unique advantage over the competition! Post it on your envelope to reinforce why they do business with you.

-Include a simple thank you for your business on your statement envelopes. Customers like to feel appreciated.

No matter what you are sending make it stand out in the mail. Every business uses envelopes, so you might as card card-body get more out of your money and use them for marketing and not just correspondence.

In the design phase of your postcard printing think of it as a quick peak for your client use the design to entice them. The message and design should make them want to find out more, or act right away on the call to action. Be direct, keep it simple and make sure your message is clear. Postcard printing should be used for action. Take them to your website, give them incentive to call or direct them to your store. Sometimes saying: hey come to my store, just isn’t enough. You need to drop some small hints about a hot new product, or a discount that is ending soon.

Jumbo Postcards Printing
Jumbo postcard printing is big and they make a statement. Think of jumbo postcard printing as a billboard in the mailbox of your audience. Use this oversized postcard for messages with a large impact. The trick is balance with your postcard printing. You don’t want to overcrowd the postcard, but you also don’t want to have a large jumbo postcard with a tiny message. The size of the message should dictate the size of the postcard.

Prospecting With Postcard Printing
A change in our marketing environment is creating an opportunity for postcard printing again. Email is cheap and easy to send, that is why every business is doing it. Are you getting the return that you once did by using it? Email is still a very important part of marketing however, now is the time to take advantage of the open space that is in your prospects mailbox. Now, as a significant amount of time has passed our mailboxes are less full and our email accounts are screaming for a break! So why not take this prime opportunity to reuse the old reliable method of postcard print mailing.
It can be difficult to spend money on postage when you can click send for almost nothing from your computer. But if you aren’t getting any response then why not pair it with direct mail.

Consider these tips to decrease postcard printing and mailing costs.
Spend time cleaning your list when delivering postcard. We help by deduping and running your list against the post offices national change of address list. To update your list and qualify your mailing for the lowest postage rates available. Be sure you carefully target and organize your mailing. To save money focus on the prospects you feel are worth it and weed out some names. Its not always quantity, it is the quality of the prospect you are sending to. If you take the time to target your audience and clean your list properly you can increase your response while you decrease your postcard printing and mailing expenses.

Multiple touchpoints get the best results. Combining 2-3 postcards with an email blast and a sales call is a cost effective way to increase your return on investment.

Every organization needs to share information and brochure printing is the way to do it. A brochure is a quick and resourceful way to transfer information about products, events, and procedures basically any piece of information can turn into a brochure. Brochure printing services enhance any marketing, advertising, educational, or fundraising effort. Brochures are ideal for distributing information about products and or services, answering common questions, used as direct mailers and perfect for counter top displays or in store handouts.

Brochure Printing Works
Why do you see brochures everywhere? Because they work! Brochure printing is an important part of marketing not just for businesses but also for any organization. The tourism industry depends on brochures to increase sales, doctors pass along information, museums feature maps and church’s include sign up sheets and schedules. How can you incorporate brochures into your marketing?

Make Your Brochure Printing Work For You
Brochure printing, when incorporated into your marketing, can help with a variety of goals. Build your brand identity with a brochure. Become a credible source of information. Make a long lasting impression. List prices and services. Provide a map or guide. Exhibit and display art. Educate and inform potential buyers. The size and style of brochure printing is ideal for almost any marketing plan.

There are so many ways to incorporate brochure printing into your marketing.
A brochure with a mailing card can be sent directly to prospects or customers. Include in a sales packet, hand out in your store or put in a display. Use at trade shows, lectures, events, restaurants, or attractions. Brochures are commonly used as inserts, price lists, schedules, circular’s, menu’s product sheets, leaflet’s, notices and tracts. And are the perfect shape and size for handouts, reports, maps and portfolio’s. If sparking interest and generating a response is what you need then full color brochure printing is what you need.