Image Magic Printing Sdn Bhd

Our team will go through the files on margins, sizes and color. If there slight issue with the files, we will make some small changes if necessary and will send for production directly.

Terms and conditions

  • Payment has to be made before production. Please send in the slip to [email protected] once bank transfer or payment have been made.
  • Late payment could lead to delay in delivery schedule.


  • Artwork files have to be uploaded before 5.00pm. Late upload may delay the delivery times.
  • Only upload one artwork per order item.

Example of order : Blank Certificate

If you just want to print blank certificate without any personalized name and serial no, just key in the quantity you would like to print. 

Example of order : Certificate with personalized name and serial no.

If you already have certificate that need to print personalized name and serial no, please download our excel template in mass template personalization on next page after you upload the artwork.

upload personalized name

Then we will detect how many record in the excel and you put your quantity as 1, if you need everyone in the excel record to have 1 pcs.

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