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Type B - 88mm x 220mmType C - 110mm x 240mmType D - 94mm x 228mmType E - 90mm x 280mm
Artcard 350gsmPVC Synthetic White 200Micron, 270gsm
ArtCard 310gsm
Artcard 350gsm
PVC Synthetic White 200Micron, 270gsm
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The classic 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger.

It's not just for room service in hotels, you know - custom-printed door hangers offer a versatile, high-impact communication tool for all kinds of advertising and promotional needs.

Hook them onto door knobs, handles, interior fixtures and fittings, appliances, rear view car mirrors... the list is endless. You can even use printed door hangers as part of a creative direct mail campaign - and get your customers hanging up your brand in their homes and offices.

We provides a one-stop print shop for all kinds of personalised door hangers and tags. Add your own artwork design and choose from a wide variety of hanger shapes, styles, print specs and finishing options - or request your own custom specifications for a completely unique hanger print run. There's even waterproof door hangers available for all kinds of outdoor applications.

Types of door hanger.

We provide 2 different type of ready made door hanger which is hook style and hole style. The classic hooked door hanger style is easy to apply and remove to any door knob or door handle. Hole style door hanger which hook over the door handle for more secure fit. Material used is synthetic paper 200 micron and 275 micron. It is water-proof, tear-proof and the prints can last for very long time.

Type A Door Hanger

88mm x220mm

Type B Door Hanger

88mm x 220mm

Type C Door Hanger

110mm x 240mm

Type D Door Hanger

94mm x 228mm

Type E Door Hanger

90mm x 280mm


If you have any questions regard the product or ordering process, please have a look at our Frequent Ask Questions. If there any issue that you need to reach us for help, please email us at [email protected] or call 03-20726323 , whatapps: 012-6512849.

1. I need to print my door hanger in 1 day, it is possible?

As this door hanger required dye cutting process, we need to have at least 3 working days.

2. I cant find my required size, can i request a quote?

Yes, you can request your quote by clicking request quote at above top right side orange button.

3. I have JPG file only , can you help me to set the files accordingly?

Yes, please upload JPG file in the proportionate size according to your order, then we can help to set it into the business card and send the files over to you for approval.

Please follow our guidelines when preparing for your artwork.

  • Download our templates. Make sure your artwork is in the safe zone.
  • Please provide images or graphics at least 200 dpi actual size of your order.
  • Please outline the fonts.
  • Save your files as pdf format.
  • Make sure there is no wordings or element are set on overprint.