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Hot Lamination Document for protection and more durable.

The ideal solution to protect printed document such as important document like certificate, poster or birth certificate as well as wedding certificate. Hot lamination will make the print product look more appealing and more durable. We provide lamination service on A5 size, A4 size and A3 size.

Why Hot Lamination?

Printed material or paper are prone to get damaged by frequent handling or enviromental factors (water, moisture, oil and etc). To overcome this issue and to preserve your print product, we use hot lamination where the printed sheet are sandwiched in thin clear plastic sheets.

Order your hot lamination document online now. 

If you have any questions regard the product or ordering process, please have a look at our Frequent Ask Questions. If there any issue that you need to reach us for help, please email us at [email protected] or call 03-20726323 , whatapps: 012-6512849.

1. What is the maximum size you can do for hot lamination?

We can provide hot lamination service up to A3 size.

2. Upload Document File:

  • Make sure to upload PDF File. If you have multiple file, please zip into 1 zip file and upload to us. For example : You have 1 PDF A4 size that have the number of pages (20 pages document) and need to output each PDF for 200 set each. Printed Both Sided on simli 80gsm with hot lamination. Please select option as below.

Price Estimate Hot Lamination

3. How thick is the lamination film?

100micron. Size in 222mm x 310mm for A4 size

4. I cant find my required size, can i request a quote?

Yes, you can request your quote by clicking request quote at above top right side orange button.

5. I need to have a thick card in front, it is possible?

Yes, you need to email us your requirement, then we will proceed to quote and send for your approval.

6. I have JPG file only , can you help me to set the files accordingly?

Yes, please upload JPG file in the proportionate size according to your order, then we can help to set it into the canvas and send the files over to you for approval.

7. If i need it within 1 day, it is doable for the hot lamination document print?

Yes, please whatapps us at 012-6512849, extra charges may apply.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.