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Color Guide

Color Gamut Differences

With RGB, color are created from Red, Green, Blue while CMYK uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

CMYK Gamut Color RGB Color Gamut

RGB is describe as additive. With no light as starting point, RGB adds lights from the primary color which is Red, Green and Blue to create color. When all three color of light are combined, white is achieved. The RGB system is commonly used by devices TV Screens, computer monitors and projectors. For this reason, it is not appropriate to use RGB for printing purposes.

CMYK is described as subtractive. The background starts out as white, which reflects all the color of the spectrum. As color are added, the wavelenghts of light than can be reflected are limited. Hence CMYK can be said to subtract unwanted wavelenghts of light in order to achieve the required color. CMYK is used when creating color by mixing, making it the preferred system of color synthesis for printing.

Why print in CMYK?

Commercial print presses achieve color by combining inks. 4 major color which is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black are mix to produce color on white paper background. RGB picture files are ideal for devices to reproduce color images via light source such as electronic screens and projectors. However , it is not setup for printer to reproduce the color with inks. That is why all RGB files that presented for print will be converted to CMYK. However, because RGB covers a broader gamut of color than CMYK, some shades will be compromised during conversion. This is particularly true for vivid oranges and greens.

RGB Picture Before Conversion to CMYK CMYK Picture After Conversion from RGB

It better to create images in CMYK or convert any RGB picture files if you want more accurate color on how your artwork will appear on print.

In summary

Whenever you submit your artwork as RGB or CMYK, all picture files will be converted to CMYK before printing. In order to make sure for you to have your required color accurately, please convert your picture file to CMYK and view it prior to submission, or request a printed proof from us before mass production.