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Die Cut to Shape Individually
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Clear Stickers / Transparent Stickers.

Our clear stickers / transparent stickers are supplied in sheet format. Transparent stickers are hardwearing, waterproof vinyl sticker with no coloured background. Common uses include:

  • Product labelling

  • Giveaway stickers at trade shows

  • Envelope stickers

  • Promotional sticker and etc

Customization and desired designs for sticker label.

In Image Magic, customers are able to design and customize their designs in any desired sizes and shapes their heart desires. Thus, the end product will give a satisfying feeling towards the customer and also us in Image Magic.

* Transparent Sticker is water-proof and tear-proof

Cutting method.

  • Stickers are kiss cut according to your size, shape and will provide in one big sheet (330mm x 483mm). 

Sticker Label Cutting MethodSticker Label Cutting Method Rectangle

  • Die Cut to Shape Individually.

Die Cut Sticker Cut Out Individually‚Äč 

If you have any questions regard the product or ordering process, please have a look at our Frequent Ask Questions. If there any issue that you need to reach us for help, please email us at [email protected] or call 03-20726323 , whatapps: 012-6512849.

1. Can i just cut to shape without any printing?

Yes, please provide us the dye cut file and we will dye cut the sticker for you. As for charges, it will be the same.

2. How does the Sticker label be ship?

It will come with a hardboard and the sticker label will be sandwich inside.

3. What is the advantages for OPP Transparent Sticker?

The advantages of this transparent sticker is that it is waterproof and tear-proof. Not only it helps to bring out your brand name, at the same time, it also highlights the uniqueness of your product in terms of color and structure. This product usage suggestions:-

  • Cosmetics / Beauty Product
  • Health Products
  • Beverages Product
  • Water Bottles

3. I cant find my required size, can i request a quote?

Yes, you can request your quote by clicking request quote at above top right side orange button.

4. I need to see color sample before proceed for final printing, can i request sample of print?

Once you make an order online, please drop us a call or email to indicate that you need to see sample for the prints (may occur some charges). Then you need to drop by our office to view the sample.

5. I have JPG file only , can you help me to set the files accordingly?

Yes, please upload JPG file in the proportionate size according to your order, then we can help to set it into the canvas and send the files over to you for approval.

6. If i need it within 1 day, it is doable for the Sticker Label?

Yes, please whatapps us at 012-6512849, extra charges may apply.

Please follow our guidelines when preparing for your artwork.

  • Download our templates. Make sure your artwork is in the safe zone.
  • Please provide images or graphics at least 200 dpi actual size of your order.
  • Please outline the fonts.
  • Save your files as pdf format.
  • Make sure there is no wordings or element are set on overprint.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.