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You can only upload one files per box, you can upload PDF, ZIP Files and JPG. 

PDF File - One Single PDF

  • If your pdf is 12 pages PDF , then upload direct.

Multiple PDF File - 12 pages with 12 PDF File.

  • If you have multiple pdf file pages in sequence, please name each file in prefix of 01_Yourfilename, 02_Yourfilename, 03_Yourfilename and etc.
  • You can upload separately by pressing the + button
  • If you have more than 12 pages, it would be better if you could zip it and upload to us in one zip files.

ZIP Files - One Single ZIP

  • ZIP all single pages PDF with naming prefix in sequence and upload direct.

Our team will go through the files on margins, sizes and color. If there slight issue with the files, we will make some small changes if necessary and will send for production directly.


  • Make sure to select the correct size when order.

Artwork File 

1) PDF File - This is the file we will use for printing. Please publish final artwork into PDF file.
2) Please arrange your pages according to our specification.
3) If your booklet has a blank page, leave the page empty.
Example: 12-page booklet saved in a PDF File:
Page 1. Front Cover
Page 2: Inside Front Cover
Page 3: Content 1
Page 4: Content 2
Page 5: Content 3
Page 6: Content 4
Page 7: Content 5
Page 8: Content 6
Page 9: Content 7
Page 10: Content 8
Page 11: Inside Back Cover
Page 12: Back Cover

Terms and conditions

  • Payment has to be made before production. Please send in the slip to [email protected] once bank transfer or payment have been made.
  • Late payment could lead to delay in delivery schedule.


  • Artwork files have to be uploaded before 5.00pm. Late upload may delay the delivery times.
  • You can choose to upload later and share us the files through wetransfer or send us email to [email protected] stating your order no.

Add Item, Same Specification, Same Quantity

  • You can add order with the same specification and same quantity but with different artwork. It help to save time for you to order multiple job order. Please take note: This is not split quantity order for different design.
  • Once you checkout, you will only see one product information, all the option selected here will be apply to all your uploaded files with same specification and same quantity.

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Transfering file via wetransfer guide. Click Here.


You can upload artwork later in order details page in my account section menu